Advanced Sleep Technique

Learn a wonderful confusion technique to help with insomnia and sleep issues for children and adults. It is a very quick, simple and effective way to induce sleep. You can teach this to your clients while in a waking state or use it to regain control over your sleeping habits and achieve a good nights Sleep

How It Works

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Have an extra tool to use for insomnia


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It will increase your client numbers and satisfied customers will refer their friends and family.


Be able to achieve a good nights sleep

Sleep Technique for Children and Adults

By encouraging relaxation and creating an opportunity to reorient thoughts and emotions
For example:

  • chatter
  • Arguments
  • Stress
  • Hormones
And learning how to slow down the mind and Busy Brain.

I have tips and tools to slow down the mind and block those distractions for a better and deeper Quality of sleep.

There is Usually a underlying trauma ,Anxiety or the Nervous System is over Stimulate , and will need more exploring with Hypno-Analysis.


  • Night mares
  • Bad Dreams
  • Night terrors
  • Sleep Apnea


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